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Cross-Cultural Intelligence Workshop:

Focus China

Cross-Cultural Intelligence Workshop:

Focus China

Based on the book China Business 2.0 and decades of combined international working experience we developed a program that delivers the key competencies one needs to succeed when doing business with and in China.

Workshop Goals

Develop the participants’ intercultural sensitivity and thorough understanding of the Chinese society and economy. Deliver a toolkit to master challenging situations, bring behavior into context and increase (need another word please) effectiveness when dealing with Chinese business partners.

What makes us unique

Developed by Manager for Managers
We focus on delivering knowledge with direct relevance for managers. We know that in today’s world of time constraints and deadlines it is important to deliver content focused on core issues. We do not burden participants with information of limited value and unnecessary complexity. We bring the most important issues to the forefront.

We have access to an expert network of guest speakers whom upon request will discuss specific management issues (e.g. IPR, taxes) or share their individual experiences when managing or doing business with a Chinese organization.

Interactive Cultural Experience
Our program provides not only theoretical knowledge but more importantly interactive cultural experiences. In addition to our exercises we provide key points in clear charts, graphs etc. The result is a more lasting understanding, delivered faster.

Based on in-depth research
All of our training content is prepared in close collaboration with various professors and based on the latest research. In addition we cover opinions from leading China experts many of whom have shared their insights exclusively with us.


The training is structured in the following thematic blocks.

  • Intercultural Studies

    Deliver the keys for cross-cultural understanding

  • Country Profile China

    Geographical and historical context overview

  • Basics of Chinese Culture

    Chinese values, cultural norms, and behavior patterns in comparison to western practices

  • Chinese Working Culture and HR

    an introduction to the most important topics when dealing with Chinese: from Business Banquet etiquette, the exchange of business cards to managing Generation Y, as well as decision making and problem solving in Chinese organizations

  • A Changing Society

    Learn how the Chinese society has changed with the economic reforms including the influence of the one-child policy, urbanization, (social) media

  • Economics

    Regional economic overview including key developments and challenges

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