Work Culture and Effective Management Style

China’s work culture is still strongly influenced by traditional Confucian values, even though newer generations of Chinese employees are beginning to challenge these old standards.
In earlier days, organizations tended to be built on loyalty, or guanxi (→ Social Concepts: Mianzi and Guanxi), rather than merit. The leader would choose staff according to personal and professional connections – people who the leader knew would be loyal. This provided leaders security in their position and ensured that strong subordinates would not attempt to replace them. Many local companies still operate in this manner. The concept may have lost some of its dominance, but personal loyalty still holds great influence in company life and is often valued more highly than company loyalty. Because of this, Chinese companies face a great risk when key personnel leave, since their colleagues often follow suit due to guanxi.
In China, hierarchy and title are highly respected in the workplace. The management style tends toward….